design and build services for musicians and sonic explorers

I worked for over 20 years as an Audio Director, Sound Designer and Audio Programmer for one the largest independent game developers in the UK. With over 60 titles and two industry awards under my belt I left the games industry in 2010 looking for a fresh challenge and a new direction.

I spent a good few years teaching myself audio electronics, experimenting, blowing stuff up and generally having enormous fun. From those humble beginnings, Marmot Audio began initially as a service to modular musicians: I provided an assembly service for customers, who wanted to get their hands on unique Eurorack modules available exclusively to the DIY scene, but who lacked the inclination or time to build them for themselves.

Combining my years of professional experience, spanning sound design and composition, programming audio tools and pipelines and my experience with audio electronics and modular synthesis, I have expanded into building complete systems, both phyiscal and electronic, along with repairs and servicing of modern and vintage audio gear.

What can I do for you today?

Since 2012, Marmot Audio has been designing and building electronic and physical solutions for a plethora of discerning sound designers, musicians, composers and sonic explorers.

I forged my reputation in the early days building DIY module kits from the likes of Thonk, Mutable Instruments, Sonic Potions and Synthrotek (to name just a few) but that's only the tip of the iceberg.

From guitar pedals to studio outboard racks, to complete synthesisers and everything in between. I have many years of experience building Euro Modular, Serge, CGS, Synthtech/MOTM, Frac, audio processors and even custom panels, enclosures and cases.

In short: if it makes noise or processes audio, chances are I've probably worked on one at some point!

If you think there’s a project I can help you with then please get in touch. I look forward to talking to you!

Marmot Audio: services

Trying to nail down exactly what I do is tricky but here's a broad summary of the kind of projects that I love to take on.

PCB and Modular Assembly

Experience with just about every modular format (Euro, MOTM, Serge, Bugbrand, Frac, CGS). Trusted and recommended by modular DIY creators and sellers especially Thonk UK.

Electronics Design & Build

From guitar pedals, desktop synths, studio outboard modules, modular panels, to custom mechanical and electronic design solutions.

Service & Repair

Scratchy pots, flaky switches, blinky LEDs? Or maybe a crazy modification idea? Realistic pricing for a huge variety of audio gear. Free and honest evaluation.

Past Projects

You love us!

“First off, I’d like to thank you for the most straight forward reply I’ve ever got from someone who builds this type of thing.I’ve had an excellent experience dealing with Marmot Audio, your communication and general manner was bang on. The product was of a very high quality and very reasonably priced. I will definitely be getting more stuff made by you. Lovely stuff!”

Ed, London

“Neil Baldwin from Marmot Audio did a fantastic job in modding my Metasonix D1000 tube drum machine. The D1000 became a totally new, much better instrument. The mods were made perfectly and the modded D1000 looks, works, and sounds great! Also the contact with Neil has been very friendly and his advice was very helpful. All in all: Top-notch service, highly recommended!”

Weinglass, Germany

“Since livening up my Elektrons with these exciting stands from Marmot Audio they now look as fantastic as they sound! They are brilliant! Really nice, they look lovely in the studio and make the Elektrons so much easier to wire up and use.”

Stephen Morris, New Order

“I needed someone to build Mutable Instruments Shruthi XT and after some research, I ended up on Marmot Audio's webpage. It conveyed professionalism, experience, and a passionate investment in the things he builds. Communication was smooth throughout the process and the finished product is a thing of beauty. I could not be happier and highly recommend his services.”

Edward, Scotland

“I have had a couple of jobs done by Neil at Marmot Audio, I can’t recommend him highly enough. Not only does he do things when he say’s he will but his rates are competitive and his work is first class. He also works with you and acts as both consultant and engineer a superb service."

DanP, Disposable Sound

"Neil built a CGS SWAMP analog sequencer for me, to use with my Serge modular synthesizer. The result was stunning!Neil is extremely committed and enthusiastic about his work, and he won’t give up until every detail is right.I was very happy about the results of our project, so much that he’s now building another panel for me.Neil is friendly, flexible and great to work with. I can highly recommend commissioning work from him.”

How can I help?

Send me a message: info at marmotaudio co uk

I had to remove the contact form due to a PHP exploit. You can't even have email links these days. I'm old enough to remember when the internet was nice.